Under The Big Tent: Artist Q&A with Breann Young

Under The Big Tent: Artist Q&A is a way for you to get to know our Nashville family a little better! The first edition of the Q&A features artist Breann Young.

  1. Where are you from? Gary, TX 

  2. When and how did you find Big Tent? I'm not sure about the time frame... I went to a rehearsal for a show with Jeff Randal at his home where I met David Reuter and Kristen Parisi who would be playing a round with us at The Commodore Grill. David and I later wrote a song together called "What You Didn't Say To Me" and the rest is history! We've been friends and making music together ever since! 

  3. What's it like working at Big Tent? The environment is always helpful and encouraging. Fun and laid back (: Anytime I get to drive down music row and go to a writing session I feel so blessed beyond measure!  

  4. Who are you musical influences and who do you like in the marketplace today? George Jones, Holly Williams, Patsy Cline. I like people who focus on great songs and making music that means something and has lasting power. 

  5. What do you have going on in your career right now? We are just now finishing up my FIRST EP at the Dark Matter Laboratory and I'm still playing out and writing like crazy (: 

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David Reuter