Under The Big Tent: Artist Q&A with Jason Evans

Under The Big Tent: Artist Q&A is a way for you to get to know our Nashville family a little better! The second edition of the Q&A features artist Jason Evans.

  1. Where are you from? Canmer, KY

  2. When and how did you find Big Tent? Meeting David Reuter at Larry's Grand Ole Garage in Nashville. Larry’s hosts Bluegrass Jams and Songwriter showcases. Then, seeing  what Big Tent was doing online and I became an instant fan of the artists they were working with, their artistry and the impressive writing and recordings they were doing.

  3. What’s it like working at Big Tent? Working at Big Tent is like working in mamaws garden.. planting seeds and watching them grow.. you guys take extra care of the artists you work with and work your ass off promoting them

  4. Who are you musical influences and which artists do you like in the marketplace today? BJ Barham, Chris Knight, Todd Snider, Justin Townes Earl

  5. What do you have going on in your career right now? Right now, I’m focusing on writing and developing songs I already have. I have a spring tour coming up in 2017 through 7 states playing Roots and Americana festivals.  I’m looking forward to meeting Real people who love Real Music. There’s nothing like singing an Honest and Heartfelt song to make a new fan and a new friend.


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