New EP from Jason Evans -- "Same Ole Me"

SAME OLE ME ---- I met Jason Evans a few years ago at Larry's Grand Ole Garage here in Nashville. A friend invited me to hear Jason perform live that evening but I was already scheduled to back-up Kristen Parisi on guitar at another venue in Nashville. You can’t be in two places at one time so I decided I would try to catch Jason for a set and then fight Nashville traffic and try to make it to The Commodore Grille before Kristen got on stage. 

To this day, I still apologize to Kristen for being late and not being able to play guitar for her that evening. I stayed at Larry’s until Jason finished performing because I wanted to introduce myself and invite Jason to Big Tent to do some Co-Writing. I guess I stayed a little too late because by the time I got to the Commodore Kristen was already on stage singing a song that we Co-Wrote with Justin Buttrey called DREAM BOY. That was the first time Kristen performed our song and when we started our Production Company, THE DARK MATTER LABORATORY, that was the first song we produced together.

Fast forward to 2017 and here Jason, Kristen and I are working together at Big Tent Nashville and the The Dark Matter Laboratory , and this month we’re releasing Jason’s new EP on The Dark Matter Laboratory Records. 

A friend asked me last week, who is Jason Evans? I think that question is best answered in the songs that Jason writes. Jason is a soldier, a husband, a father, a songwriter, an artist and a friend and every song on SAME OLE ME tells a story and gives you a snapshot of Jason. When I look at Credits on this EP I don’t see a list of songs, I see the names of my friends and my co-writers and artists and musicians who are members of MY Nashville Family who all generously made valuable contributions to Jason’s new EP. These friends, Cody Walden, Kristen Parisi, Justin Buttrey, Breann Young, Masako Yamashita Jeffers, Rory Faciane and Jason Evans are all on the same Musical Journey that I’m on and it is an Honor for me to have my name next to theirs on this EP.

Things always seem to go Full Circle in life but I never would have envisioned that meeting Jason Evans and missing a show with Kristen Parisi on the same evening would lead to the establishment of an amazing creative team. I’m looking forward to working with Jason and Kristen on more songs and more EPs in the future, but a special THANK YOU needs to be “Shouted Out” to Kristen for producing SAME OLE ME. In addition to being a writer, musician, engineer and background singer on Jason’s EP, Kristen also spent countless hours behind the scenes recording, mixing and mastering this new EP in Steinberg’s CUBASE. 

We hope you enjoy SAME OLE ME as much as we do and we hope you quickly find your favorite song and share it with your friends. This EP represents who Jason Evans is as a Writer and as an Artist today and we’re deeply grateful that Jason allowed us to try to capture that in these recordings.

David Reuter
Creative Director
Big Tent Nashville

Preview Jason's EP, "SAME OLE ME"

David Reuter