Introducing Breann Young - Quotes and Liner Notes from her Debut EP


Getting to Nashville

A move to Nashville is never what you expect it to be, especially for a young artist. Six years ago, Breann Young took a leap of faith and packed her world in a small car and an even smaller suitcase and moved from East Texas to Nashville Tennessee to pursue her dream of becoming a songwriter and an artist.

Breann quickly learned that songwriting was not about doing, it was about discovering. About discovering who she was as a person, about discovering all of the emotional ups and downs of living away from home for the first time and about discovering the artist who she is meant to become. Step-by-step, day-by-day, and song-by-song, the years have passed by and shaped Breann as a person and somewhere along the way; her deepest memories became the words and melodies of her first EP, Highs and Lows.



I met Breann Young several years ago while she was performing at a songwriter’s venue here in Nashville and from the moment I heard her sing, I knew that I was listening to a young lady with a very powerful artistry. When people hear Breann for the first time, it’s hard to believe that this is her first EP because when you hear her voice, you can’t help but be transported to a place where only a REAL Artist can take you. It’s to that same place that Patsy Cline, George Jones and Merle Haggard always take us, not because it’s “Country Music”, but because it’s HONEST Music. Not too long ago, Nashville would have scooped up a Breann Young and made her a star, but the Country market has changed and Breann’s Honest and Heartfelt style is something that the Nashville music industry seems to be moving further and further away from every day.

Becoming an artist And staying true to her roots

Nashville is currently experiencing a Sonic Boom in Pop Country Music and that boom has left more Traditional artists like Breann searching for a home and we hope that Breann has found one here at Big Tent Nashville. I think it’s important for people to know two things about Breann Young. First, Breann is the same age as Taylor Swift and Second, you will never hear Breann Young complaining about “Contemporary” Country Music or “Pop” Country Music. Instead, Breann simply stays true to her own roots that run deep into the rich history and traditions of country music and true to her artistry and most importantly, true to her own journey as an Artist.


Rather than trying to become something contrived or working at becoming something commercial, Breann is simply becoming an Artist. As a fan of Breann's I believe that there is a place and a purpose for an Artist like her because real people will always need real songs, honest people will always need honest songs, and the world will always be searching for timeless songs.

Our opinion here at Big Tent Nashville is that there is an audience that is searching for Breann Young and her Music because we believe that Grace and Beauty NEVER go out of style and neither do Honest and Heartfelt songs. It may be harder and harder to find that “Market” but we know it’s out there, especially for an artist like Breann. 



When you listen to this EP, we’re sure you’ll notice that Breann’s songs are tightly woven together with three elements: Strong melodies, Solid lyrics and Powerful artistry. When Kristen Parisi and I began Co-Producing this EP, we quickly became aware that the challenge was to “Capture” Breann’s sound, not to “Create” a new sound for her.

The songs on this EP were all written by Breann with the writing teams here at Big Tent Publishing. All six tracks (plus a Bonus Track) were produced by Kristen Parisi at her production company, The Dark Matter Laboratory in Steinberg’s CUBASE. 


"New Boots" in Americana  

Given the recent shifts in “Musical Genres”, we believe that HIGHS AND LOWS lands firmly in the middle of The Americana Music Market. That’s very exciting for us at Big Tent because there are so many GREAT Artists working in the Americana Market today. 

I would describe Breann as a “New Boots” Artist in Americana. Breann is a New Voice but a Traditional Artist who brings along with her other “New Boots”, new songwriters, new musicians, a new publishing company and a new producer who are members of her Nashville Family. We hope that we’ve succeeded as writing and production teams in making this EP a direct reflection of who Breann is as a writer but more importantly, we hope this EP gives Breann’s fans and listeners a glimpse of who she is as an Artist today.

Now it’s time to let the songs and recordings speak for themselves and go find your favorite song.

7.    RUN ME DOWN  … Bonus Track

by David Reuter, Creative Director
Big Tent Nashville


What people are saying about Breann's EP

Linda Davis and Breann Young

Linda Davis and Breann Young

"Breann has been like a part of my family since she was a young girl. We are both from deep East Texas and both VERY proud of that fact! Her faith in God is the only thing that runs deeper than the love of family and home. Bre’s raw, real life lyrics draw me in… her angelic vocal tones make my heart melt… put these qualities together with her matter-of-fact down-home gal stage presence… These are the qualities of a true artist. If you are lucky enough to hear, see and know Breann Young, you will also be excited for her when her rocket ship takes off!!! This is the springboard for that dream to begin. Start your engines…"

- Linda Davis, Grammy winner


"Every time we hear Breann’s angelic voice, we stop what we’re doing and smile. She moves us emotionally with her effortless melodic vocal runs. We are blessed to call her one of our most talented friends."

- TG Sheppard and Kelly Lang


"The ghosts of country music’s past reveal themselves with every note Breann Young sings. An artist with a true respect and understanding of tradition."

- Mike Valeras


"Breann’s incredible vocal ability and natural talent for writing beautiful melodies and intricate lyrics, are only surpassed by her genuine kindness. Her respect for classic country shines through with every note she sings. In a time when artists are pressured to conform, Breann has always remained true to the music she loves and to the artist she has always been. I am beyond proud of her debut EP and even more proud to call her my friend."

- Jacy Dawn

I consider myself an expert on sad songs. AB Young’s “That’s The Lonely I Know” is leading the race for 2017.
— Adam D. Hill
David Reuter